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The IBRG Expedition
Many of my trips to hard to visit places I do on my own or with my border friend Eef Berns.
Although Märket was not my bucket list, I felt very lucky as a member of the International Border Research Group (IBRG) to get the chance to join the IBRG Expedition to Märket in July 2023. We were a group of nine.

Day 1, rain in Grisslehamn
Waiting in Grisslehamn (Sweden) for the ferry to Eckerö (Åland). With our minibus from Stockholm we arrived rather early at the harbor. In the pooring rain we enjoyed our lunch which we found at the 'Roslagsfisk Rökt & Färsk Fisk". One of best lunches I had in years.

Day 2, Eckerö
Our captain of the day (forgot his name) brought us with his boat from Eckerö to Märket. Although the weather was rather gray we we left, the afternoon had wonderful blue skies.

On the waves
Barry is assisting the captain. Almost land in sight!

Arriving at Märket
The last part of the journey we had to change into a motorised sloop.

On the border
One of the volunteers explains us that the white line is the border between Finland and Sweden.
What a surprise.

Group picture
Nine happy and enthusiastic border fans. We made it all the way to Märket!

Back in Mariehamn
Back in Mariehamn where we had a good and tasty diner before we made the way back to Stockholm the next day.
It was a very successful IBRG expedition.

All credits to Steen, Jonna and Barry.

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